Kl Pad 1

A versatile and unique pad created from a clarinet sound....

The story

This is the first sample instrument I created ever.
That’s not very true though… It is the first time I took the time to learn scripting, design a very simple skin and knobs using lots of new softwares. All of this was daunting, often frustrating and very rewarding. It paved the path to building more and way better looking instruments. I love the Kl Pad 1 for that.
The instrument is made out of some clarinet samples I recorded in 2014. If you know the ‘Little Low’, another sample instrument of mine available on Pianobook as well, both instruments share the same DNA, with very different results. It offers five different sound sources, each with their own knob, which can be CC assigned. An attack and release knob that controls the main group.
The instrument’s wide range can turn the Kl Pad into a solid bass sound or a snappy short lead and everything in between.


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  • Unique textured calm pad

    Quiet and calm textured pad. It has a few parameters and you can adjust tremolo, distortion etc. Very nice for the first time sampling, I like it very much!

    Asuka Amane21 October 2021
  • A good first try, but needs some work!

    Though the sound quality is good, there are some both minor and major issues with this little patch. First, the pad itself is very quiet, but it gets better when you start adding Delay and Reverb. There is also Tremolo setting which make things more interesting at times. Then theres a knob called "DIST" which I assume it means Distortion, but really acts like the volume of an extra instrument as an extra... And that extra instrument seems to not be affected by any of the other settings at all, as if it existed in its very own universe. There are also Attack and Release sliders, but they seem to make very subtle differences. I got to say though for someone with OCD, the worst part is the GUI, because THE TEXT IS NOT CENTERED DAMN IT!

    Alex Raptakis16 October 2021