Kitchen Paper Roll

Make music with a the tube from a kitchen paper roll!...

The story

The other day I was cleaning up the kitchen and had to change the kitchen paper roll. I happened to hit the hole with my palm and it made a distinct note that I thought sounded quite cool. Why not try to make a sample instrument of it?

It is recorded using a Blue Yeti microphone and I’ve made a Kontakt instrument adding some flanger and rotator effects and also lots of reverb. The reverb and attack can be controlled by a knob and the reverb is also assigned to the mod-wheel.


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  • Why have I never thought of this?

    It's very, very simple, but very well done as well! Sure the GUI is just two knobs and a wallpaper of an actual kitchen paper roll, but still this is very usable and kind of cute. There is veeeeeery little noise in the samples but I am sure most people won't notice it at all. It's also not dynamic at all, but what the hell do you expect? It's a freaking paper roll! Special tip: if you max the attack, the high notes sound like water droplets!

    Alex Raptakis17 October 2021