The story

Our friend, Mark, was house-sitting while we were away, and he noticed we didn’t have a kettle. When we got back from our trip, this stainless-steel kettle was on the stove, still shiny and new. It has served us well in the decade since, and boiled up the water for my morning tea today as it does almost every day. It’s not shiny and new anymore, but has acquired a certain gravitas over the years to go with the patina on its surface.

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  • A Kettle with Release Triggers!

    This is a fun and maybe slightly silly library. I could see using it in a slapstick piece for a funny effect. It's well recorded and programmed and even features three velocity layers and release triggers! What more could you really ask for from a kettle library? The sounds have a lot of vibrato, so they're not particularly suitable for pitched uses, but I don't think that's really the point of this library.

    Sam EcoffSamplist 01 November 2021
  • Could be great for single hits

    I could see this working great for kind of single impact hits, on its own or maybe layered with other stuff but for me theres too much going on in the sound for me to play melodies with this. As mentioned by Sam, i agree that it could work as a comedic effect as well. Its very dynamic for a found sound instrument and while the release triggers are cool and add character, they could get in the way depending on what you are going for. Theres alot going on in the overtones and resonance of this sound which might work for you or might not depending on your taste.

    septemberwalk08 November 2021
  • Hit your kettle no more!

    This person did it instead. You will simply find kettle hits that are in fact VERY dynamic with different layers, but that's about it. They are a bit on the noisy side, the release sample might be something that throws you off. Upon the release the samples cut off, and sometimes in long holds you hear some clicks and stuff, and these may be annoying to deal with. I'm sure that with some processing you may create some nice SFX.

    Alex Raptakis28 October 2021