The story

This sample pack features twenty classic Casio instrument sounds from the MT-65. I love how accessible and easy-to-use this keyboard is, so much of the functionality here remains faithful to the original. Effects sliders and envelope toggles are all you need to let these sounds shine! I hope you use these keys to channel your inner Ricky Baker 👽




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  • Awesome vintage vibes

    It sounds like 60's keys with a simple and helpful UI, great job on cloning the look of the Casio, it probably sounds better than the original Casio.
    I would add ADSR knobs for a little more control.
    looks like I'll be using it a lot

    Assaf Spector02 March 2023
  • This is brilliant

    This is a great representation of an old school classic - loads of sounds worth using from this!

    wildgoose789Samplist 07 March 2023
  • much more than I expected

    everything is really well made, the sound is perfect and the UI its so minimalist and simple which makes it even better

    rogerio14 March 2023
  • Simply amazing

    One of the best sound libraries of Piano Book. The sound of a vintage Casio is beautifully recreated here. You can play a lot with all the settings like you would with a 60's Casio. Tweaking the reverb, vibrato, echo, and the synth wave options, the possibilities for LoFi, glitch, electronic, IDM, and ambient music are endless!

    Bosques de mi Mente08 April 2023
  • Brilliant!

    Class stuff from Nathan! One of the more impressive downloads in recent memory. More please! <3

    donal22 August 2023