The story

I made this Kontakt instrument sampling my dad oldโ€™s acoustic guitar, a Tamaki SF444 from โ€˜80s.
This was the first instrument that got me into music.
Despite the cheap price of this guitar I loved his warm sound, especially the harmonics, so i decided to make this sample library with them.

This virtual instrument has velocity response, 3 round-robins, and two knobs.
The knobs (delay time and reverb time) can be used for making interesting textures and sound fx.
Enjoy! ๐Ÿ™‚


Reviews for JSamples โ€“ Acoustic Guitar Harmonics

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  • Sounds good!

    While there are many instruments that feature guitar harmonics, each one is different, featuring a unique performance of a unique person. And this is no different. With deep note-by-note sampling, along with 3 round robins on each note, this simple harmonics patch sounds good right away. There is a delay and a reverb included in case you want to make it a little more ambient and cinematic, if that's what you are after.

    Alex Raptakis30 August 2022
  • Nice Harmonics

    While the actual harmonics are played nicely, the samples could definitely use some noise reduction. There is also a tiny bit of latency in the samples, suggesting they need to be edited a bit more. Other than that though, it's a decent sample pack with some good sounds.

    Scott J MasonSamplist 29 September 2022