The story

On a train trip back home, I sampled the ambience of the train stations in India
and the interior of the train itself. The sample instrument contains sounds of the train which are made
due to its speed, a hushed conversation and station announcements.
You also can hear the calls of the merchants trying to sell bottled water and food.


Reviews for Indian Railway Atmos

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  • Love from India

    As an Indian and a definite visitor at stations regularly, i can say it was absolutely wonderful sounding instrument. Felt so like home for sure.

    JashandeepReehal23 May 2022
  • Absolutely love it

    Has a very niche use, but i love it nonetheless. Great ambience and especially love the train announcement, ive heard that sound so many times travelling on Indian Railways

    Quark28 May 2022
  • An Incredible Atmosphere Pack!

    I love the sounds of this pack and will certainly be using it in the score of my next student film! I love the hushed conversations and will probably use those the most!

    JakeW23 May 2022
  • I always have time for...

    ...railway and train atmos packs. This would sound great underneath slight minimal pianos, but also long rambling drones.

    The lofi-ize option also sounds great.

    clockland23 May 2022
  • been looking for something like this thanks a lot

    Really been looking for more atmos sounds really well recorded, you also get the wav files which is always great.

    grvmusic4u25 May 2022
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