The story

Here is a PAD made from my voice (I’ve got a very low voice so it was a real fun to produce a five-minute sample instrument out of several noises I’ve made into a mic).

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  • Abrasive and organic

    The lower register plus long release is likely to be my favourite use for this interesting vocal /alien texture. Definitely usable as a texture under something else.

    Boag112 October 2021
  • This is some gnarly stuff

    A brilliant way of taking a source sound and completely transforming it. I combined this with a bass synth and faded it in to add a unique bit of spice to the overall sound and it worked really well!

    R.Treves20 October 2021
  • Interesting sounds, confusing keybed

    Even exploring this instrument is quite confusing honestly. You really need to take the time and become familiar with it, because it is "separated" into zones that offer different sound signatures, while staying at around the same "note" range. Some zones are 5 notes long, some others are more than an octave. One solution to that would be coloured keys in a Kontakt patch. If you manage to deal with that, you will get a lots of great and nicely recorded sounds to play with.

    Alex Raptakis03 November 2021
  • Interesting sounds with some issues

    These sounds are certainly unique. they are cool because you can tell that the source is organic, but you can't quite place what that source might be. There are a few issues with this library, however. Some zones have only one velocity layer while others have two or three. The samples aren't always matched timbrally between the layers, and in some zones G#2 to G#3 for example the timbre becomes more gentle the higher the velocity, which seems kind of backwards to me. As you move from zone to zone, the notes will often jump to different octaves. I kept thinking that this instrument might have been more playable as a few different instruments rather than lumping all of the samples into one instrument. There are also some issues with poorly edited samples. Many samples have a distinct click at the start and the beginning of the samples aren't trimmed up correctly, so the keys feel really laggy when you play them. This is an interesting instrument to be sure, and a great first attempt at sampling, but there are a few things holding is back from being as good as it could be.

    Sam EcoffSamplist 30 October 2021
  • Not for me but interesting

    As ive said in other reviews im not al all into these more abrasive distorted synth sounds. So from a personal stand point this isn't useful to me so i really dont like it much, being more into chill and organic sounds. With that out of the way though, from an objective standpoint its some pretty cool sound design to tuen a human voice into this crazy chaotic synth. The way the samples are laid out in kontakt is a bit confusing and the velocity programing seems kind of inconsistent to me making it less playable that it could have been. While i personally dont enjoy this, i think people that are into abrasive distorted sounds might really like this.

    septemberwalk14 November 2021
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