Hohner Guitaret

An lamellophone with a built in pickup....

The story

I am so overwhelmed by the pianobook community, that I also want to contribute some instruments. It is a must do – you are all so generous and creative.

Because I gave my Piano to a good friend for his children to learn to play, I begin with an instrument which sounds quite a bit like an electric piano.

It is my oldest electro acoustical Instrument: called the “Hohner Guitaret” from 1963 (one year younger than me).

It is an lamellophone with build in pickup, played with the fingers – mostly the thump by holding it like an E-guitar.

Depending on the velocity it can sound like soft E-Kalimba, a Pianet-Celesta Hybrid or nearly an E-piano. Try to play it with the Sustain pedal, it gets very dreamy.

I sampled five velocity layers and five Round Robins.

This is my first attempt to build a Kontakt Instrument – so please excuse the poor GUI. (this scripting thing is a hard and strange journey)

All the best to you all and many, many thanks to Christian Henson for simply everything he do.

Regards and deep respect from Klaus Wagner, Berlin, Germany


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  • A Good Guitaret

    Guitarets are interesting and unusual instruments. The GUI leaves something to be desired on this library, and it seems be be shifted two octaves higher on the keyboard than you would expect it to be. As a result, you end up playing really high notes to reach the top of the instrument's range. It's a little muddy, but there are moments when you need something just like this.

    Sam Ecoff14 October 2021
  • Sounds good but needs tweaks!

    This is a cute instrument if you have some time to play around with some settings and definitely worth a try. It sounds like a marimba, an e-piano and a jazz guitar at the same time. But you will have to tweak it a little bit to make it playable. The lower notes have less of a character, since they sound almost like a sine-wave synth, and the higher notes are more pleasant with more character. Sadly the range is not that big, it's more on the low side, and the entire sample placement is one or even two octaves lower than a piano pitch. While the GUI is horrific, there are some useful settings there, such as a Delay and a Reverb, a Pan randomizer I guess? Luckily there is an attack and release setting which turned out super useful to me. Note: The instrument is unplayable on any release setting below 60, because there is a very noticable and hard click sound. Also Some single notes have a little bit of dissonance, but it's not big deal. It kind of gives some character.

    Alex Raptakis13 October 2021
  • A Sound That Plucked the E-guitar Strings of My Heart

    If I had to choose one sound to capture the stillness of a late summer evening when the sky is clear, the moon is full and bright, and there's just the faintest hint of autumn in the air, I would choose this Hohner Guitaret library every single time. What a vibe!

    SarahLovesSound12 October 2021