Hawaiian Flute

An atmospheric pad created from a Hawaiian Flute...

The story

I had a flute that I bought in Hawaii in the 9th grade sitting in my room, and I decided to try and sample it. I had recently bought the “Archetype: Plini” amp sim from Neural DSP so I thought I would record the samples through the “Cumulonimrod” preset, a slightly splashy atmospheric patch, and see what happened. The result is a atmospheric pad with a slightly varying timbre depending on where you play. Hope you enjoy!

Evan Williams


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  • A great first attempt at sampling

    This is a great first attempt at sampling. The thing that is keeping this sample pack from being great is the intonation. The sample on D4 is around 40 cents flat give or take a bit, which renders the sample pack less useable than it might have otherwise been. I hope this samplist keeps working and growing and creating new samples for our great community.

    Sam Ecoff17 October 2021