The story

## The Story

This Guitarron was made as a school project, it can be use in mariachi and Mexican music, but feel free to use it wherever you want 🙂

Instagram: @cesarlunaf

Reviews for Guitarron 22

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  • Como residente de Jalisco

    Deberias hacer el resto de instrumentos, te quedo genial

    Jose Torres01 March 2024
  • A well-recorded, simple instrument with a more complex sound than one would expect

    Covering a single octave (A to G#), this instrument is described as a bass, and rightly so, but has a fun doubled sound an octave above the root note you are playing.

    The UI has LP and HP filters if you are so inclined, but I preferred leaving it wide open and playing it as a monophonic bass instrument.

    Jake Hendriksen02 December 2022