The story

A harpsichord to take you somewhere else.

Francesco Elgorni’s first harpsichord sampled with the softest touch and no mechanical noise. His recommendation is to play it gently and with lots of legato. It’s ok for notes to overlap with eachother.

A J-P Rameau “Ordinaire” temperament has been chosen for the instrument, on a diapason of A=440.

The instrument comes with two different manuals (keyboards) with slightly different timbres. Each one selectable by playing C1 or D1.

Two stereo samplings are avaiable, both in 44.1 kHz sample rate:
-close-up (body)
-bineural (from player’s prospective, best for study)

Sample editing, interface and programming are made by me.

Picture taken by Francesco Cassata. Film developped by Ghisa Film Lab.

Explore with caution and remember, “easy keys” sound better. Don’t get lost!

This sample pack is dedicated to composer Jacques Duphly (1715-1789).




Reviews for Gentle Harpsichord

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  • Love it - just a small thing that needs an update

    Love the general sound of the Harpsichord, but some notes are just slightly out of tune, sometimes 20-30 cents, so it can be significant..
    It's a matter of a simple update :)
    But other than that I think it has a beautiful sound !

    Aviram Spies19 August 2023
  • Life (and OST) savior :D

    I needed a harpsichord for an OST I'm working on and I this gave me the exact thing I was looking for.
    I really appreciate the efforts of this community and today, especially, I want to say thank you to JSamples :)

    Adrián Rey14 December 2023
  • Excellent Instrument

    This is a great harpsichord! The sound is pretty crisp and clean with a bit of key noise that gives it character. I appreciate that it is not overpowering. Although it only seems to have one velocity layer, it shines. Definitely an instrument worth the download!