The story

This time my goal was to create a dirty lead synth sound. First I had to draw some soundwaves.
After some searching I realised there is a free option… Audacity. So I drew some soundwaves, edited them and chose some of my favourites. At least I left 2 in the game. To give them some dirty chainsaw like sound, I grabbed my Palmer reamp box and my MXR Fullbore Metal distrotion pedal and let the signal of the waves flow through the circuits of it. This pedal has a very agressive compressed distorted sound. Dynamically fits for a fast synth solo. There are also recorded clean guitars and bass for the almos harp like attack.
At least you can mix 3 different distorted waves, 2 different clean guitars and 1 bass for different result of sounds.
This package contains Monophonic and Polyphonic versions too, if you’d like to create some synth pad.
I hope you will enjoy it!

note: In the Polyphonic version you can hold a chord only until you play about +25 other notes at the same time.


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  • nice samples

    nice one thank you

    Jabus11 April 2024