The story

I’m thoroughly enjoying both Decent Sampler and the Pianobook community (many thanks to all those involved) and decided it was time I offered something back. This pack is a sample pack of my Freshman acoustic, recorded both with a dynamic microphone, and via the guitar’s piezo pickup. There are also a few fingering-related noise samples to hopefully add a little more realism if required. The samples contain a few odd resonances and similar artifacts, but these were present in the real instrument so I didn’t attempt to remove or work around them, but left them as-is.

This is my first attempt at sampling, and I intend to improve it in time. Constructive criticism is, of course, very welcome (please maul me gently!).


Reviews for FreshGuitar

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  • Good natural sound.

    Fine acoustic instrument, sounding individual and clear.

    Paul_Smith15 April 2024