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A slightly different colour of my Ibach piano: I took off the piano lid and dampened the strings with my finger when I struck the keys. This produces a short, hard and percussive sound, but it resonates for a long time (and quietly) because I had pressed the right pedal.
Using the modulation wheel, the filters start working and add a slight movement to the sustain, tempo synced with your song.

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  • Awesome piano plucks!

    This instrument features a very nicely sampled plucked piano sound that almost sounds like a toy harp, but in a good way! It has quite a character, and it's very fun to play in many styles. Each actual sample is very long and kinda wet, but if you set the release low it becomes almost like a dry pizzicato. If you decide to play more sustained notes, you might be able to listen to some background noise, but it's really not a big issue. Also, super nice to include release triggers as a separate layer, awesome!

    Note based on the description: In DecentSampler the filter is not bound to the modwheel though it's really simple to do so.

    Alex Raptakis01 December 2021
  • Gotta say I love this sound!!

    As someone who has a piano dedicated to weird muted sounds -- usually achieved via a piece of temperament felt -- I love this library! The big drawback for me is that it does sound as though there's reverb applied to the samples. Even with the reverb knob at minimum, I could swear I hear reverb. It's entirely possible that it's sympathetically vibrating strings within the piano, but it sure sounds like reverb to me. Anyhow, I found this library to be incredibly useful and inspiring. Although it doesn't really sound like a piano, it's definitely a sound I know and love, and maybe, just maybe the next time I need a muted piano sound, I might cheat and use this library rather than setting up mics and spending an hour tuning my piano!

    Sam EcoffSamplist 06 November 2021
  • Not for me but still really cool

    Ive personally never been into these plucked piano sounds but objectively speaking, for anyone who likes this kind of sound this is a really good instrument. Its very staccato and characterful can be used to play cheeky little passages. It makes me think of that kind of playful music where a character is doing something sneaky and funny in an animation. I agree with Sam that even with the reverb all the way down it still sounds kind of wet. It would have been nice to be able to access a drier sound. Again not really my thing but a cool instrument none the less.

    septemberwalk08 November 2021