A Swedish fipple flute known as a 'spelpipa'....

The story

This is a sample library I recorded from a Swedish fipple flute known as a ‘spelpipa’.
Crafted at some point during the early/mid 20th century by Hans Karl Andersson, who hailed from Evertsberg, Sweden.

The instrument requires the full version of Kontakt 5.8.1.


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  • Windy power, featuring legato!

    This wind instrument is very, VERY well made. The patch is a legato one, meaning that there is no multi-note option, and the note shifting from one to another sounds more natural. There is also an amazing high-velocity layer that pushes the instrument and produces something like a trill, which you have to hear it yourself! At the same time there is a noisy release sample that I dont really enjoy and I would like to have the option to turn it down or completely off. In fact there are no options at whatsoever, not even the volume attached to the modwheel, which makes it less playable. It's kind of impossible to play quietly, but still, this is very much worth it and easily recommended!

    Alex Raptakis16 October 2021
  • files will not work for me

    I cannot get the files to work on windows with Reason 11. Nice stuff, but i cannot use it in this format for some reason. .wav files usually work fine in this DAW.

    jamsa12 October 2021