The story

This is my first contribution to the Pianobook community.

I have developed what I hope will be a useful template for others to use and develop further. At the moment it consists of four microphone groups, each capable of four round robins.

If it is found to be useful then I can develop the template to include a range of microphone groups and round robins ranging from the current template down to the basic 1 group 1 round robin.

The included example is a full 5 octave recording of my Ibanez guitar through a volume pedal into my DAW. These are then run through a variety of delays and reverbs to create evolving textures that change with each note. The round robin functionality is included so that each note is slightly different from the others.

There is no note off functionality as of yet as the instrument is designed to sit in the background and create atmospheres and environments for your composition to sit in. The next step will be to include the note off groups and script for pianos and a purge samples function for each microphone group.

I hope that it helps you develop your samples further. I will be posting a tutorial on YouTube.

All the best!

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  • Perfect for its kind

    This is a trully inspiring and extremely well crafter instrument that almost bothers me it is out here for free. The sounds that can be produced by this single patch are overwhelmingly good for me, so I have to give this an absolute perfect score.

    I need to mention that I love the fact that the modwheel works perfectly by handling just the sample but not the effects, which makes it perfect for controling the dynamics without affecting the volume in an artificial way. Thank you for the amazing contribution! Note: If you are not getting any sound at first, just touch the modwheel once.

    Alex Raptakis01 December 2021
  • Great Guitar sounds

    These sounds are well played, well recorded, and very flexible. I love that you can easily add, and more importantly subtract any of six useful effects, and you can really shorten up the attack if you want. This instrument isn't just about swells. It can do a variety of guitar-based textures really really well. This is an excellent instrument, especially for a first submission. Bravo! One quick tip: I could not for the life of me get a sound out of this instrument to start. You have to move the mod wheel up or it will remain silent.

    Sam EcoffSamplist 04 November 2021
  • Another Beautiful Guitar Sound

    Another Beautiful Guitar Sound, i love these guitar ambient textures, I'm running out of stuff to say for these kinds of patches since they're all pretty similar and what i love about them is similar but this one has an especially warm and natural tone. Very realistic too. This might be one of my top choices for midi programmed ambient chords. The Mid and lows sound really nice. upon playing this more this is one of my favorite ambient guitar sounds on the site

    septemberwalk11 November 2021
  • It does the job well: ideal for long background tones

    This is certainly not the most playable library around Pianobook, but I use it often for long, sustained pedal notes. There is constant movement in the samples so it doesn't get boring and gives some spice to the overall sound.

    peterlepahin13 October 2021
  • Lanois Like Guitar Swells

    I'm a guitarist with a fancy sustaining pedal but I've found myself reaching for this to save time. Quite a variety of frequencies on the GUI for getting that Daniel Lanois type of sound.

    Jim Sanger30 November 2021
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