The story

Having recently taken the plunge to learn the inns and outs of creating a sample library/instrument/whatever-you-want-to-call-it for the Decent Sampler, I looked around wondering what I could sample to create a new instrument. The first thing my gaze landed upon were my two djembes, so I got ready to have some fun hitting my drums. I know next to nothing about the creation of these drums – one was a gift from my parents, and is I believe a fibreglass body with a synthetic drum head and a metal ring holding the drum head in place vs the traditional roping. The other is one I stumbled upon in a traveling shop set up in the middle of the mall selling many interesting and random things, advertised to be all hand-made in Indonesia. This second drum has a more traditional wooden body, I’m fairly confident the drum head is animal hide (whether it is the traditional goat skin I couldn’t say though), and the traditional roping holding the drum head in place. Both drums are fairly similar in size but have different sound from their different shapes and materials.

I recorded 6 different types of drum hits with 2 velocity layers and 4 round robins in each velocity layer for each drum hit. I’m always a fan of using a dynamic mic to close mic drums, so I used my SM58 through an ART Tube MP preamp for a little bit of that nice tubey warmth and goodness.

I felt that the thing to do was to keep this instrument pretty simple, so the only extra thing I included is a knob to control the wet/dry mix of a convolution reverb, which can be controlled via the mod wheel.

Hopefully this is something that other people can enjoy and get some use out of. If so, happy composing!


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