The story

When I discovered DecentSampler I knew right away that I had to experiment and build something with it!
Unfortunately I didn’t have the time to sample something new, so I decided to do something useful anyway: convert to the Decent Sampler format a free little gem that I’ve been using for years: the Mellotron samples from

So I searched online on forums and blogs for the author of those samples, Taijigui, and got his permission to make them available for free in the Decent Sampler format.

And so DecenTron was born!
It features lot of sounds (presets) from a classic Mellotron with the added bonus of ADSR controls, velocity sensitivity and a whole range of effects. You can dial in some “tape noise” too.

The sounds were sampled by Taijigui, published at and used here with his permission. I only packaged them in Decen Sampler format and added controls and effects.

He writes on his website: “These WAV samples were taken from 2 different Mellotrons: an M400S and an M4000. The tapes were in mint condition when sampled. The samples were recorded with the tone control fully clockwise. Each sample is approximately 7 to 8 seconds in length and has not been looped”.

I packaged them in Decent Sampler format:
The controls should be pretty self-explicative.

“Out of the box” DecenTron plays the samples as they were recorded, i.e. as they are reproduced by the Mellotron itself: not looped and without any velocity sensitivity.

To respect the realism the samples are not looped: the original Mellotron has “samples” that last about 7 seconds per note. The same is here in DecentTron.

If you want that DecenTron respond to velocity so that the heavier you hit the key, the louder it plays, click on the “Vel. sens” button.

You can tweak the Attack, Decay, Release and Sustain, apply a LowPass filter and use the various effects to sculpt the raw sound.

The Modulation wheel controls the amount of Vibrato (modulation of pitch) and/or Tremolo (modulation of volume): set the Rate of each modulator you want to apply and the Depth amount will be controlled by the Modulation wheel (obviously you can also set-and-forget it with the panel cursor)
I added a sort of “tape hiss” too: you can dial in it with the “Tape noise” control.

### Sounds included
Each Decent Sampler preset corresponds to a different Mellotron sound:

– Cello
– Italian Accordion
– MKII Violins
– String Session
– Tenor & Alto Sax
– Tenor Sax
– Trombone & Trumpet
– Trombone
– Trumpet
– Vibes
– Woodwind2
– 8 Choir
– Bassoon
– Church Organ
– CombinedChoir
– GC3Brass
– M300A
– M300B
– Mixed Brass B
– MkII Combined Brass
– MkIIBrass
– MkIIFlute
– Orchestra
– StringSession

– Decent Sampler presets: Stefano [garubi] Garuti
– Mellotron samples: Taijigui
– Tape noise sample: Stecman edited by Stefano [garubi] Garuti
– Mellotron picture: Public domain edited by Stefano [garubi] Garuti
– Background wall picture: Foto di Alex Lvrs via Unsplash


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  • Quite impressed.

    Seeing as Redtron wasn't going to get a 64 bit update anytime soon I broke down and bought not one but two Mellotron inspired instruments, Mellotron by AIR and Sampletron by iKmultimedia, while they were on sale. I say this rivals those in many respects. It sounds awesome and there are loads of presets. I would have preferred if it came with a library install instead of having to load individual presets to make it easier to scroll through in the future. Mnor gripe, I really appreciate the work and detail found here.

    Marklw17 April 2024
  • Great sounds, but...

    The sounds in this are wonderful and it has a very large selection for only about 550mb, but I can't change any of the tuning. This is a pretty minor thing for most, I just love utilizing detune in my music, so a fix for this would be wonderful!

    wizardpem27 April 2024
  • Beautiful and inspiring

    Amazing! One of the best mellotron emulation. Sounds are so realistic and well-designed user interface and effects are so inspiring.

    shigeoh30 April 2024
  • Very Good Emulation

    Not bad at all - there are a few free Mellotron samplers out there and only a few have not been edited to death to make it sound 'better'. This appears to be one of the better sample sets.
    Not sure about the ADSR or velocity controls - that's part of the charm of the original machine, I suppose. I suppose you don't have to use them if you don't want to.
    Excellent stuff.
    Oh - one thing. To say that the recordings are as good as they could have been made is a bit misleading. By the time a tape actually got to a Mellotron it was at least five generations old. That's another part of its creaky charm: it's not the sound of three violins any more, it's the sound of a Mellotron.
    Edit: it's not 'String Session': it's 'String Section', a Frankenstein edit together of the original three violins from 1952, the viola and from 1964 and the cello from 1962. Loved by Tangerine Dream, it's a bit of a tuning nightmare in some places. Fun fact: the 'springy' sound of the bottom five notes comes from the fact that the cellist refused to detune his instrument to reach below C1, so these were played on a double bass.

    mellotronworker29 April 2024