The story

We love bass, We all love bass. You love Bass, I love Bass we love bass.

Recorded and edited a cool bass for you 🙂

Download, play around, enjoy and lastly make cool music 😛




Reviews for DBass

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  • Good effort, but ...

    A good first effort at a DS preset. However, some of the samples need cleaning up, particularly at the beginning. Worse, the preset file has all samples playing on all notes at all velocities! This clearly needs correcting by inserting loNote and hiNote parameters for each sample. Similarly, low and high velocity triggers need to be specified, as the samples seem to be recorded at two distinct velocities. Also, the samples seem to be intended to be played in round robin, as most are labeled with the numbers 1 to 4, so this also needs to be specified in the .dspreset file.

    mkam13 March 2024
  • Interesting

    If it's not an artistic choice loop points could benefit to be improved.

    FLH327 October 2023