The story

I wanted to create an instrument for my use only because I needed a big massive drone sound with multiple layers for a cue.

I have found some interesting free to use soundscapes that I layered with my own recorded sounds and reworked them to have 10 drone sounds that can be mixed together in Kontakt to get one big drone sound FX.

After using it in my project, I decided to share it on Pianobook as I like the instrument more than I expected when I did it, and I think some of you could be interested by this instrument.

So, tweak the three knobs of each sample and add some effects to create a massive darkness drone !

PS : This is my first instrument that I share (the others I have made are not as well finished and I keep them for my personal use).
I hope you will like it and make good use of it.

Enjoy 🙂




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