Dark Lord Bass

A 5-string Ibanez bass recorded with four different microphones to become a low pad....

The story

Heavy, dark, foreboding low-end is not a metaphor for my post-holiday waist line;
It’s how I describe the Bass tones I use when writing Heavy Metal.

I’ve been writing Rock and Heavy Metal for 10 years now, and always struggled with a lack of low end.
Never sure whether it’s my lack of mixing skill or lack of samples, I decided to make my own Bass Pads for my music.

I sampled my 5-string Ibanez bass; played the samples through a variety of distortion pedals and amps; and recorded the samples using 4 microphones in the cavernous wooden house that I had just moved into.
On the keyboard, you will find 1.5 octaves of fx (such as the bass tuning down and up), 1.5 octaves of bass drones, and a further 4 octaves where I used an eBow on the strings.

Please note that this is not an instrument in the traditional sense, but a means of adding low end pads and drones to your already existing compositions; Orchestral, or Rock.

Have fun!!


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  • Bass drones

    This sample pack has four different ranges, each with it's own variations of bass samples. They're all very similar, and I was left questioning if it was worth including such subtle variations. What's sort of interesting about this sound is that there's actually not a lot of bass information in the samples. Even on the lowest notes, things drop off really sharply at 50Hz, so that big cinematic drone you might hope you could use isn't really there. I think some folks will find a wide variety of uses for this sample pack. Personally, I don't know that it's something I'd find a use for.

    Sam Ecoff21 October 2021
  • Could use a little polishing...

    I like where this instrument is going, but it could still use a little bit of cleaning up. The samples weren't in the correct directory which adds a cumbersome step to the loading process. There's also not much of a GUI and no real controls for the sound which makes it difficult to use. Synths like this really should have ADHSR controls at a minimum and low pass, reverb, and other processing controls are also highly valuable. I definitely hope this gets updated because I see great potential for this instrument.

    Christopher18 October 2021
  • A Bbbassy Drone!

    This is a nice dark drone patch that can provide some nice and deep tones. Unfortunately you have no control over them, but at least they are nicely split on the keyboard via some empty key spaces. There's not too much to say, except to try it out yourself!

    Alex Raptakis18 October 2021
  • Aggressive low bass synth!!!

    Biting dark bass sound!!! Totally cinematic, awesome library. The sound is placed through the keys so it is very playable as well.

    Asuka Amane16 October 2021
  • Badass and fun!!

    I have had so much fun with this pack! not even project wise but just loading it up in Kontakt and playing notes on my mini keyboard just to watch my speakers go nuts!!! This is a very useful pack and as I stated before a fun one also! a must download for anyone that loves the Bass FEELZ!!!

    Phantommxr12 October 2021