Cuatro Puertoriqueno

A handmade Puertorican folk Cuatro

The story

Inspired by the Spitfire Audio LABS Charango instrument, I decided to sample a Cuatro Puertoriqueno that I had built form scratch. The Cuatro was made from Spanish cedar for the body and Yagrumo for the soundboard. The Cuatro is a Puertorican instrument that is often used in Puertorican folk (jabaro) as well as Christmas music.

Each note was recorded using a Rode NT2 large capsule microphone through a Joe Meek VC6Q preamp. For the pluck instrument I added some EQ and compression as well as a small amount of Supermassive reverb. I played/recorded the notes twice with a medium pick and setup a round-robin in the EXS24. Of note, I played a B that seemed to modulate weirdly, and I kind of liked how human it sounded when added to the round robin. I also made a pad using the Cuatro samples as source material and adding some reverb, modulation, and delay to fill it out as a pad with some motion.

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  • Hidden gem!

    This instrument blew me away! I started with the PR patch and it reminded me a bit of Spitfire's Swarm. Its a cool sound, but I thought I wouldn't use it for a wide range of purposes... Then I loaded up the Puertoriqueno patch and wow! This is a unique ethnic instrument that I want to use on my next project that needs any type of guitar/plucked solo string.

    Ada Maskil18 October 2021
  • Inspirational and one-of-a-kind...

    Much better than many string libraries, I really enjoyed using this instrument. The pad sounds are my favorite and have a nice evolution with some really cool textures. The pluck preset is not as realistic, but is generally pretty good. Great work!

    Christopher26 October 2021
  • Plucking hell its good!

    Both the Pluck and the pad patches are amazing. The 'note off' releases on the pluck patch are very distracting and sound unrealistic to a typical note release on a strung instrument. But turn them off and this thing sounds amazing! Great work!

    R.Treves18 October 2021
  • A unique instrument that you will not find anywhere

    Is a really nice initiative to sample a folk instrument from Puerto Rico. This is very well recorded Cuatro and is unique in Pianobook. With some adjusments in note release may have an outstanding quality.

    OsvaldoDeJesusG26 October 2021
  • A unique instrument with a great sound.

    Loved the sound from this unique instrument. Would love to see some more dynamics but otherwise great.

    Mark08 March 2022
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