The story

I have an untamed obsession with kalimbas and this is the result of that obsession.

I got this big boy 34 key chromatic flatboard kalimba from Amazon from Cega Music all the way from China (I’m in the US). It took a while to arrive but man was it worth it. I love this thing and I wanted to share its amazing characteristic zen sound with all of you in a free and widely accessible Decent Sampler format. This kalimba library was sampled with a guitar pickup for a closeup flawless sound and a dynamic mic to pick up a bit of my plucking. You’ll notice when you play really hard that I accidentally hit the body of the kalimba when recording the high velocity layers but I found it actually adds to the realism and decided to keep it in.

I made this library for personal use (hence the 6 dynamic layers) but after realizing how easy it is to convert my terribly basic Kontakt libraries to a Decent Sampler format with fully functional reverb and release knobs, I figured, Why not upload it here?

Hope you all enjoy!

– Air

Reviews for Chromatic Flatboard Kalimba (6 layers)

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  • Fantastic but not in tune

    Only playable in the upper half, below A2 becomes off tune and unplayable.
    Would be wonderful if the author will be so kind to put everything in tune :-)

    Gianniv It31 December 2023
  • More "microtonal" than chromatic

    I really like Kalimbas - so I downloaded this - but it seems more microtonal than chromatic - either it is not tuned to begin with - or something went wroing in the sampling - or the transfer to Decent Sampler...

    EdgeconnectorSamplist 11 August 2023