The story

The chachas are an instrument made of seeds, commonly used in traditional indigenous music, from healing music to party indigenous music.

But these chachas did not come to me in that indigenous context. These chachas come from a party we do in Bogota every month, called “La Peña”. Which is a Latin American music party.

One day, at 3 o’clock in the morning, when we finished playing, I asked how much some of them would cost and they told me: if you want, we’ll lend them to you. Days later I forgot about it. And a couple of weeks later, without further notice, a friend came to my house and lent them to me. They are not even his, they are like communal seeds.

They are recorded in various ways using a Warm WA84 and an SSL 2+. There are one shots (the ones called “Impulso” and “Con Mano”, cressendos and two more designed to generate ambience (“Regadas” and “Regadas con mano”). These last two patches have the aftertouch controlling the volume and the filter, to generate more natural movement, as if you were playing them.

I used a sampling method that I saw Junkie XL use, where from C1 I would progressively place lower intensity samples to higher intensity samples as the piano notes go up.

I hope you enjoy them.

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  • Cool Vibe

    great bro it sounds real

    Buddah01 July 2023