Cello Choir & Cello Pad

Two adjustable pads created from a studio cellist.

The story

I had a Cellist in studio for a Pop album, and I grabbed some samples from 2 songs: a ballad, and a Rock song.

Cello CHOIR is a singing Synth Pad, made from soft cello samples. Like a comfy pillow whistling at you from a distance.
Cello PAD is a dreamy Synth Pad, made from rIch, energetic cello samples. Like a group of cellists playing in an empty bath.
Load individually, or together!

Both Instruments feature an “Attack” knob, “Release” knob, a “Low Pass Filter” knob, and a “Reverb” knob.

Recorded with an AKG 414, and sound designed in Cubase 10.5
Built for the FULL VERSION of Native Instrument’s Kontakt 5.8

Cello Choir and Pad Promo Video


Reviews for Cello Choir & Cello Pad

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  • Pad or Choir?

    Great instrument. Thanks for sharing it with us. Of the two I love the pad just a little bit more. Definitely something that I will use.

    Ray28 October 2021
  • Fat Cello, and nice choir pad

    Very interesting! The lower range has a fab bass sound so probably needs a little tweaks and the higher it gets, choir sound comes in. Very original and inspiring. GUI is very nice as well.

    Asuka Amane16 October 2021
  • I say, give it a go!

    While theres not much control over the two patches, they have a character that you might like and find it fitting for your works. I personally like the Choir patch more than the Pad, because you are not restricted to the sample durations - in the pad patch, the samples are stretched in a very obvious way and in the higher register they don't last that long, just like me in bed LOL. DEFINITELY NOT PREFERED HAHA...ha ha..

    Anyway I also found it weird that the patches are shifted one octave up, so the middle C is actually a low C instead. I think this was because of the very... VERY subby lows. I say, give it a go!

    Alex Raptakis01 December 2021
  • Worth a download...

    Mark has made an interesting instrument that sounds exactly as described, its a choir made from a cello. The stretched sample doesnt work brilliantly in the PAD patch as it hasn't been programmed the same way the CHOIR patch has. But the choir patch is the one you want anyway. Beautiful stuff!

    R.Treves20 October 2021
  • Exactly what you'd expect...

    These two instruments sounds great and are exactly what you'd expect to hear. My only issue was that some of the sounds on the cello pad do not appear to be looped properly, causing them to cut off while the keys are still pressed. This can make it difficult to use this instrument for longer passages. Other than that I really like the sound at it comes in a very small package storage wise less than 50 MB.

    Christopher18 October 2021
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