Cello Banjo Plus

A banjo that had a few too many the night before...

The story

I have used this cello banjo on many scores, but always as an invisible color.
I love it’s distinctive sound and am still hoping to make it center stage of a main track one day.
It’s a banjo that had a few too many the night before and alongside the recognisable cheerful twang also has a low, raspy, dare I say, velvet tone.
I thought that by sampling it on a soft pluck (and soft tremolo) I could make something a bit more usable.
I then recorded most samples on a Mono tape recorder – a Marantz PMD 221 – at regular speed and re-recorded them back at half speed. Which gave me an octave below for each tone. Plus the expected tiny bit of wow and flutter for seasoning.
Hope you like it.


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  • Swarm of Banjo

    This library features 8 sample zones on a single velocity layer and three round robins. I find that choice curious, because with a swarm instrument, I would think it would be more helpful to have multiple velocity layers rather than multiple round robins. YMMV. The mod wheel is mapped to expression, which is super helpful. The instrument has character having been recorded to tape and then played back at half speed. All of that is cool. I'm just not totally sure where exactly I'd use a sound like this.

    Sam Ecoff24 October 2021