Broken Tape Deck

4 signature sounds and 3 pads built from a broken tape deck with a gritty sci-fi quality.

The story

You know those musical experiments that result in something completely different than what you set out to do? Yeah, this is one of those. Using an old tape recorder from a thrift store, I was excited to experiment with running sounds through a cassette tape for the first time. Once I plugged it in and tried to get it working, I realized this tape recorder was, unfortunately, broken. It did, however, have a built in microphone that seemed to work and started a feedback loop between my studio monitors and that microphone. The result? This library. Don’t fight it when these experiments go wrong. It’s always better to lean in and make something cool from them! It’s not what I thought I would get from this old piece of kit, but it’s probably 10x cooler than what I expected!

Broken Tape Deck Creation


Reviews for Broken Tape Deck

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  • Tasty!

    A very rich and ominous sound, great for creating tense sound beds! A fortunate find!

    Brendan BeeBee08 July 2022