The story

Near my cottage, they’ve stacked up some old bricks. It’s not really clear what the point is, and they’ve been stacked up there for months now. They seem like they had no purpose. I thought I’d try and give them a bit of one: they made a nice brick-y sound when I bashed them together, so I recorded the sound and I’ve built it into a Kontakt instrument.

It pretty simple – it’s just the sound of bricks straight up. Play the bottom of the keyboard to get big giant size blockos, and the top to get little lego-brick sized ones. There are multiple velocities and round-robin alternates and a few more controls on the interface.

[Oops: v1.2 is updated to no longer have and no longer depend on the “resources” folder]


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    This was a Very COOL Idea for an Instrument. THANK YOU for your hard work and for sharing !!!


    David Reuter
    Big Tent Nashville

    ddreuter22 January 2024