Boz SL Grand Lite

A Steinway L grand piano from 1926 that has past through the generations...

The story

This piano is a 1926 Steinway L that my grandparents bought back in the 1950’s. For almost 70 years, it was in the same corner of my grandparents house being played a few times a year, serving more as a great spot to hide under.

It wasn’t until my later years that I learned how great a piano it was, at which point my Grandma started a contest. Whichever of her grandkids could play the best when she died would get the piano.

I won.


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  • The proof that size doesn't matter!

    Despite being only 80 MEGABYTES, this piano has one of the best sampling jobs I've noticed in Pianobook. The noise is unnoticable, except the fact that in some very rare occassions you might get a badly cropped tail. I saw that happening with C5 C#5 and D5, and the highest octave from D# to the last C. This is not a dealbreaker though since it will only happen only if you hold that note for more than 7 seconds like with the sustain pedal. If you really like it, you might as well just find and crop the samples because if we ignore that problem, the piano sounds fantastic, and it's very dynamic as well. There are also two knobs for blending the Close and Far channels, although I noticed that the Far adds too much low end. There is also a Reverb knob that it's always welcome. I recommend to check it out!

    Alex Raptakis21 October 2021