The story

Gamelan is an ensemble of musical instruments that has become the identity of Indonesia. Throughout history, it developed mainly around the Central Java region. The ensemble initially consisted of metallophones and gongs of various sizes and then developed further following the surrounding musical culture in its respective region. This sample is a recording of a gamelan set in Sidoarjo which is not the traditional one that uses pure brass as the basic material instead it uses a mix of brass, tin, and any other metallic materials said Ahmad Pujilaksana. and not the traditional one which is using pure brass as the basic material, after asking the instrument owner it actually has been mixed with tin and any other metallic materials.


Reviews for Bonang Barung Kerakyatan

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  • very nice!

    It's nice to see such an obscure instrument (especially one of gamelan) made into a virtual instrument like this. The audio quality isn't great on a few of the notes (Ab3 - A3) due to noise, but this nevertheless sounds very authentic. The UI background is a nice touch, too.

    Kozarne29 May 2023