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When I was cooking pasta days ago, I was hearing the sound of boiling water and I decided to recording it and try to make an instrument. The raw sample is composed of a lot high frequency, so I put a low-pass filter and I boosted frequencies of the harmonic series to make a tune note. Then I pitched down and up the sample. Finally, a processed the sample with stereo expander and a lot reverb. The instrument has a 2 knob : Dry volume is the sample without reverb Wet volume is the sample with 100 % of reverb This sound is very deep and tridimensional, you can not only hear it, but also see it ! Enjoy!! :


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  • Different in a good way

    Out of the box this is big and powerful, who knew what a pan of pasta water could do in the hands of a skilled samplist? To my mind it feels a bit industrial, somewhat metallic, reminds me of a post apocalyptic soundscape. It'll be fun seeing where I can use this. Thanks.

    Giles M15 August 2022
  • Surpisingly good

    I have to be honest I wasn't expecting much out of boiling water, but was very pleasantly surpised. I especially like the dry wet mix as the boiling sounds actually work nicely to produce an intriguing sound. I can definitely use this.

    ElsinoreBennet07 December 2021
  • Awesome textures

    This is a really nice idea that ultimately gives you a nice textured pad that has potential for sure. To my ears, with 100% wetness sounds like a very cool textured and intimidating drone. You might notice that the samples kind of stop suddenly, which might be a real pain to deal with when it comes to holding the same notes for long, especially the higher range ones, since they last very short. I also found that it all is slightly panned more to the right.

    The instrument though comes with a lot of options so you can play around and find your own sound through it.

    Alex Raptakis01 December 2021
  • Very Dense Sound, A lot going on

    This is a pretty cool sound, i like all the weird boiling artifacts, I think there is a bit too much going on in the sound to play more than two notes together at a time but this would make a really nice drone

    septemberwalk23 October 2021
  • Interesting Drone

    I like how different the sound is, at first I had to turn the reverb all the way down to hear what the dry sounds like. On the low end, it is very subtle, mostly sounds like an airy synth pad, but I do wish there was more low end. The mid and high end sound very nice. Although seeming more airy, I like that the boiling moment gives it some tension. The only other issue is that I messed with the envelope and I wanted a really long attack with a slow build. All the ADSR controls are there which is nice, but the attack was still very short with the knob all the way up.

    Ada MaskilSamplist 08 November 2021
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