Blüthner – Leipzig

Thoroughly sampled Blüthner family piano....

The story

This is our family piano in the highlands of Scotland.
A few years back, during the writing of our latest Smith & Mudd album Gorthleck, my longtime collaborator Paul and I locked ourselves in the house for 10 days during the darkest, longest chills of winter.
We recorded straight to tape (HD) with one Rode NT2 -it sounded wonderful.

This summer (2019) I took two Rode mics up in a “wheelie suitcase studio”, along with Christian’s long from round robin template.
I fashioned a suspension bar out of timber, which I covered in key places with bits of an old camping bed roll then attached each mic using mic clamps.
I sadly don’t have a pair of Rode mics, so you cans in the pics I used an NT1000 and an NT2.
Not ideal I know but you got to work with what you got (so I tell me kids regularly).
224 samples later and it’s time to share.

I have played with the felt/celeste/practice pedal down since I was wee, as I love the warmth it gives, so naturally I recorded the following with the “felt on”.
NB: all RAW files without NR
Soft layer x3 per note
Loud layer x3 per note
Release Triggers x3 per note
Pedal on x8
Pedal off x8
Wild Track

The EXS instrument is assembled best as I can, following Christian’s guide and my intuition.
A few things to note:
1. round robins are all set for the soft and loud layers although playing a arpeggio only rotates only plays the first sample on each key
2. Pedal on and off samples won’t respond to the sustain pedal and won’t round robin
3. RTs only play first file and I can’t get the decay right – so when you hold a note manually and lift off, the RT is super loud.

As a result of these issues, the Pedal samples have their Volumes to -96 within the EXS edit mode, so you can’t hear them, and RT files are reduced in volume to -3 and velocity range 91-127.
Got to sort out those bits then its should all be lovely

I am going to continue my EXS adventure but in all likelihood – I may have to learn to use Kontakt.
Over to you.
Thoughts welcome.




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