The story

I was looking for a pad sound based on strings.
Long time ago, as very young guitarist, I was inspired by Jimmy Page who played with a violin bow on his Gibson Les Paul. The sound of it blew my mind. I was talking a lot about it at home, so I got a violin bow from my dear Mom. Sometimes I still sit down and experiment with it.
There is an old bass guitar in my room which is strung with 1 string tuned C2 for this project. I recorded several takes until I got a not so pretty but not so dirty sound. After the recording session, I changed some EQ parameters to remove some annoying noises, but not the scratch of the bow. I recorded also the 2 octaves higher octaves of the strings too, but I didn’t like the result of it.
The higher notes had less resonance, because the string had less amplitude so I started to tune digitally with pitch shifter. The range is from C1 to C5. Also experimented with phase invertion and made a wide panorama to make chords clearer.
You can use Chorus, Delay and Reverb effects the make the sound more interesting and twisted.
I hope I can give you a useful tool for your further productions!

Update: Library size reduced




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  • Original string sound

    Thank you for putting together in a video Choir of the Fallen and this Beyond the Strings. I was not convinced I could use Choir of the Fallen anywhere, but when I heard the combination of the two sounds I knew I had to get both. They both have an excellent sound and I am sure I will use them both soon. Thank you for your time and effort, and please continue and deliver more!

    Jaime's Tone19 November 2023