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A super simple library but I’ve always craved & loved the sound of cellos bending/sliding down. My first ever kontakt instrument so it’s as simple as can be with just a filter knob to change the cutoff.


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  • Does What It Says On The Tin.

    Definitely a one trick pony, but worth having in your arsenal as your unlikely to find this sampled anywhere else.

    Will add some nice dark dives to any composition.

    lfo2vcoSamplist 15 December 2021
  • Sci Fi /Trailer Goodness

    This is a very simple yet awesome patch. Its just a kind of downwards bend of a cello but its definitely heavily processed. It has that kind of organic yet synthetic hybrid quality to it. I like it the most down low on the keyboard. I think its a perfect sci fi / trailer sound effect. The pitch bending makes it super interesting. I would suggest adding distortion to really go for that trailer sound if that's what you want. I know some people will wish there were more tweak able parameters but more and more lately I'm finding i don't care if the sample maker adds reverb, delay, distortion etc into the GUI. We all have these effects in our DAWs so why do we need the sample maker to include it in the GUI? Id rather have a great sound like this that i can add third party plugins too than have a bunch of tweak able parameters on a sound i don't like. This is really cool and useful.

    septemberwalk03 December 2021
  • What you see is what you get (and it's good)

    I really enjoy the sound of this instrument. It is easily workable into trailer-type music, or your sci-fi "big spaceship is landing time for big vroom vroom music sound" moments. The quality is high, and while ADSR controls would be nice, I'm happy with this as a free instrument.

    Pleased with the download to be sure! Next stop, bendy bowow town!

    JoelWyb10 January 2022
  • Super for trailers§

    This cello has ended up as the signature sound of a hybrid orchestral trailer I have just written. As it says in the description, it is a super simple library - and the only knob I have found is the cutoff - but it really did the job for me. Thanks!

  • A cello down-slide

    This is a very minimalistic patch, featuring just one type of sound split in 4 different samples that are recorded amazingly well, and manage to sound almost identical. They are enough to make it sound different every time you press a different key though. The pitch is stretched across the keyboard, but you may find the octave pitch being a little inconsistent. The lower range almost sounds like a brass in the beginning, which I personally love. It has this Hans Zimmer-ish vibe to it.

    In general, the final outcome is very wet, but it's the kind of sound that you want in order to enhance a menacing ambience anyway. With that said, I'd love to have the ability to control the effects through a more complete GUI, because I really liked how the dry samples sound (you can find them in the files).

    Alex Raptakis03 December 2021
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