The story

This is Bell’s Gong. Not Karen’s or Chad’s or Yuri’s.

I borrowed this gong from my Daughters daycare. Its a little broken but has a nice south East Asian sound.
I have provided 3 different striking techniques each with 4 layers of velocity.
Recorded in stereo using a matched pair of Earthworks QTC40 into an Apogee Symphony.

The tuning may be a little off, but with the amount of odd order harmonics in these samples pitching perfectly seemed impossible.

I have implemented 3 extra samples of each ‘Dry’ sample that received some post processing. These are available on the UI knobs.

-Bass: This sample was pitched down and run through a sub harmonic plugin. Bringing this in a bit provides more weight to the sound.

-VERB: This has been run through a unique reverb plugin and gives a cold edge to upper notes and an enveloping wetness to the lower notes.

-TREM: This has some tremolo processing. I would not take this approach again due to the obvious tremolo rate change inherent when Kontakt pitch’s the sample for mapping.

-Reverb: Convolution reverb applied within Kontakt using an IR from David Hilowitz Box Violin.

I hope you find some use for this, enjoy.


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  • Nice resonances

    In case you don't initially get a sound, you will need to hit one of the three different keyswitches on the top side of the keybed. You will realise that this comes with three different bell sounds, and all three come with 4 extra layers to control and tweak the sound further. Regarding the first keyswitch-sound, I'd stay away from the "TREM" layer because it introduces a click sound that might be hard to deal with in the mix.

    The 4 full octaves of playable range along with the dynamics provided make it sound great, although in case you don't notice, the first keytswitch is not tuned properly, as if you hit a C, you hear a G instead.

    With this in mind, along with the other minor inconveniences I mentioned, some users might walk away, though it's a very nice bell instrument for sure.

    Alex Raptakis29 August 2022
  • Hit The Keyswitch

    You gota hit a keyswitch before this makes sound.
    I found that the first keyswitch is tuned differently than the others,
    Overall the instrument has a nice sound and is well recorded.

  • Decent gong sounds, the soft ones sound awesome!!

    When I loaded this patch I didn't get any sound, turned out you have to press one of the three keyswitches (C5, D5 or E5) to get a sound.

    The sounds are nice, they are really wet, so I turned the reverb down, but with the reverb turned down you get quite some decent gong sounds. Nothing too mind-blowing for most of it.

    The one thing that did really catch my attention was the soft sounds (E5 keyswitch), they sounded very soothing and beautiful.

    BenBerkenbosch27 September 2022