Bell’s Gong

Indonesian/South East Asian Gong - 3 striking techniques 4 velocities.

The story

This is Bell’s Gong. Not Karen’s or Chad’s or Yuri’s.

I borrowed this gong from my Daughters daycare. Its a little broken but has a nice south East Asian sound.
I have provided 3 different striking techniques each with 4 layers of velocity.
Recorded in stereo using a matched pair of Earthworks QTC40 into an Apogee Symphony.

The tuning may be a little off, but with the amount of odd order harmonics in these samples pitching perfectly seemed impossible.

I have implemented 3 extra samples of each ‘Dry’ sample that received some post processing. These are available on the UI knobs.

-Bass: This sample was pitched down and run through a sub harmonic plugin. Bringing this in a bit provides more weight to the sound.

-VERB: This has been run through a unique reverb plugin and gives a cold edge to upper notes and an enveloping wetness to the lower notes.

-TREM: This has some tremolo processing. I would not take this approach again due to the obvious tremolo rate change inherent when Kontakt pitch’s the sample for mapping.

-Reverb: Convolution reverb applied within Kontakt using an IR from David Hilowitz Box Violin.

I hope you find some use for this, enjoy.


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