Bechstein C118

An upright Bechstein piano sampled in a single dynamic layer with a pair of AKG 414 microphones....

The story

I usually play plugin instruments with my 88 keys master keyboard…but something was missing. One day, I decided to visit a piano store and I had no idea about real pianos. There was about a hundred of different models exposed. The vendor was kind enough to let me try any pianos freely in the different space and rooms during a whole afternoon.

Suddenly I felt in love with the sound of a second hand C.Bechstein C118 built in 2010. My ignorance shocked the vendor because I had no idea about the piano brand C.Bechstein. I also truly love the sound of this felt piano sound. I tried to record this sound for you with a pair of AKG 414.

There are only one layer of sounds and a release noise. for a first experience of sampling, the result was a good surprise in Kontakt: not only it sounds quite interesting but it matches so well when layered with another spitfire library : British Drama Toolkit -especially with the patch Strings Ensemble Long-.




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  • Heavy noise and balance issues

    Unfotunately there is too much noise going on here, and the panning is very left-sided. The dynamics are low and the attack is really weird in my opinion. There is not anything else to comment on, other that I suggest you look for something else.

    Alex Raptakis19 October 2021
  • Dreamlike warmth

    Lovely rich, warm felted sound slightly hampered by some noise artifacts as the notes are held. Certainly has it's own personality though.

    Boag111 October 2021