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This Danelectro baritone guitar mostly sits in a rack feeling ignored. With the advent of PianoBook however, I’ve decided to give new purpose to this oft overlooked but beautiful instrument. Sampled in minor thirds with open strings being used as much as possible, this unique library comes in three flavors. Clean Amp, Dirty Amp and DI (for anyone who wishes to add their own amp sim and IRs). Additionally, Adam has added a LP filter, a secondary distortion and an Amp Sim that includes a simple bass and treble EQ and a tremolo function. The lower strings are rich and rubbery with a nice mellow pluck. As you ascend into higher string territory, you’ll find this instrument takes on an almost ‘harpsichord meets sitar at a club and gives birth to a zither’ vibe. Enjoy!

-Justin Merdsoy


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  • Not my preference, but very well made!

    Even though I didn't like initially the sound of it, I can see that this is very well made and it has a lot of character for sure. Be sure to test the amp setting, because I feel that the clean setting is the least preferable for me. Inside you will find a lot of options though, like an EQ, drive levels, tremolo speed and more.

    The least favourite part of mine is that the dynamics are very limited, making it impossible to play smoother. I really believe though that there was a lot of effort put on this, and it shows!

    Alex Raptakis01 December 2021
  • James Bond in a Can

    It's great that Justin shared his Barton guitar here, because they are seriously underrated instruments and with the amp, distortion, and tremolo settings provided here, this guitar sound is useful, playable, and inspiring. The only real thing I miss is round robins, because when you do want to play the James bond theme, you really need them for all of the repeated notes. In all seriousness, who you're playing just about anything, you won't miss the round robins, but you will find tons of inspiration after you download and load up this sample pack!

    Sam EcoffSamplist 21 October 2021
  • A different kind of guitar tone

    As the description says it's a bit harpsichord and zithery, especially on the higher notes. It took me a little while to find ways to make this work in songs. I like the options on the GUI, though I do find it a bit cramped.

    Just Bob16 October 2021
  • Not for me as a guitarist

    as a guitarist i find the attack of the notes very piano/ sample like. I honestly feel this way about 99.9 percent of guitar libraries so this isn't so much a criticism of you. i think a guitar is the hardest instrument to sample realistically. I dont really care for the tone of this instrument either, its not really smooth but is kind of honky, it seems to have alot of upper mids that i dont find pleasing. The GUI is great though and offers you alot more control than most of these guitar libraries, almost like a guitar amp. As a guitarist it wad very unlikely i would be impressed with this library but i still think it can be very useful for people who dont have a guitar or dont play

    septemberwalk14 November 2021