The story

Just simple “oh” vocals with looping. My first attempt at sampling. Needed a choir fast, recorded this quick and put it together with Kontakt. When I heard about Pianobook I wanted to share this with you and tried to remake it with the Pianobook rules. (I hope I didn’t miss some things)

Sounds ok with ~10db high boost and LOTS of reverb. (I mostly use it with %70 wet 4 second reverb with lots of high end) Add attack and release if needed. Thanks for using it!

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  • Barebone voices for lots of uses

    The voices are interesting, and they lean to a more artificial kind of style, similar with what you will hear in EDM and more electro styles in general. You can really feel that it is very barebones right away. The samples are looped in a way that once you notice it you can't unhear it, but that's not really an issue. The attack might be a little too sudden for some, and it's the main reason that it sounds very "synthy". Be sure to experiment a lot with it, because I'm sure there's great potential.

    Alex Raptakis28 October 2021
  • A good effort for a first go, but there are a few issues here...

    The sound is very dry and where the samples have been stretched it gives you a vibe that's its been recorded through an old Casio Sk-1 or something. Which isn't a bad thing if that what you're looking for! With some additional programming to solve noticeable looping issue and also to give some control over ADSR it could be a great little library. But good job nonetheless.

    R.Treves18 October 2021
  • Vocal chop patch

    i think to make this sound like a choir you would need to turn up the attack so they fade in. The way they are set up now they sound like vocal chops in EDM music because there is a sudden and un natural choppy start to them. This isn't a bad thing if this is what you're going for but dont expect this to work like most choir patches. Its a very dry instrument which could be good because all the control of how you might want to sound design this is up to you. I dont really care for vocal chops much and there are several choir libraries on pianobook i really love already so i would reach for those instead but i think this is a worthy download for people that like electronic vocal chops.

    septemberwalk11 November 2021
  • Good first attempt at sampling

    This is a good first shot at sampling vocals. The sound is clear and not noisy. There's some unevenness of tone between the sample ranges, which is definitely one of the trickiest parts to get right in sample libraries. I hope you keep finding inspiration on the PB site and continue your sampling journey, Atahan!

    Sam EcoffSamplist 15 October 2021