Asylum Grainular Piano

A trashy grand piano sampled with an iPhone ready to mangled in the Asylum!...

The story

This piano is one of many presets that I have within my custom instrument called Asylum. This is one of many in the “piano” category. I was playing a gig in an old civil war era barn that had an old melody grand piano. I sampled various notes with my iPhone.

It was already trashy sounding. For this preset I did Granular processing on the sample then imported into my ASYLUM GUI. The instrument itself has effects controls so the presets can be mangled even more.



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  • Interesting sounds that suffere from clicks

    There sound provided is nice though slightly right-pan favoured. I noticed though that I was gettng a few random unpleasant "clicks" even though my computer was sitting at 1% usage. I figured to test a few things out and I realised it might be part of the sample, because if you set the "Group Sample Start" knob after the middle, you will get it all the time. The GUI wallpaper is horrifying, but I have to say that the controls are all over the place and the aesthetic between the assets is completely different. It is nice that it offers many fx options, but be careful because they can increase the overall volume a lot.

    Alex Raptakis19 October 2021
  • Darkly inspiring textures

    Lot's going on here in this dramatic, warped soundscape. The inclusion of a changeable sample start point, comprehensive ADSHR and effects creates superb control over your sound design.

    Boag111 October 2021