Alternate Reality Choir (ARC)

A Moog square waves through a Strymon smorgasbord for bonkers Sci-Fi sizzles...

The story

A little while ago, I was messing about pushing big fat Moog square waves through the Strymon Big Sky Chorale reverb machine, with a view to creating something for the Winter Voices project.

However, the dark and foreboding nature of these sounds seemed a little lacking in Yuletide optimism. So I decided to take the instrument in a different direction…

Round about the same time I had just gotten hooked on the Stranger Things TV series and thought it might be fun to try and create an imaginary pitch for a bit of sound design for “the upside down”.

I whipped out my anodised aluminium Strymon smorgasbord, and set the controls to “radiophonic workshop” to create an additional layer of bonkers Sci-Fi sizzles.

I’ve included separate instruments for layer A, B and a combo. The raw samples are also pre-looped / cross-faded.

I hope you might consider the Alternate Reality Choir for your next Sci-Fi / Horror / Supernatural vibe project!


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