The story

This simple sample instrument is one of my favourites, partly because I love the way it sounds but partly because of it’s source.

The beep sound used here is from the hospital my son was born in, recorded while my son was in utero, hours before being born (I deliberately left in a little hospital noise in the file).

One layer played straight, another reversed and pitched up, the whole thing bathed in delay and reverb.

It’s potentially my favourite instrument ever.

– Chris


Reviews for Alarm

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  • Nice Story

    Cool to hear where this sound came from, it makes a lovely instrument to play around with,

  • It keeps you dreaming

    This one-sample instrument that comes in the ridiculou size of under 1MB, takes the idea of an Alarm clock ring and turns it into a dreamy sound that you just cant get enough of. The story is also cool!

    It is a really, really simple patch that comes in a beautifully designed GUI, featuring attack, release and a huge reverb/echo knob. The quality is very good, especially if you consider this is based just in one file. It is more on the lo-fi side, and there is a minor metallic noise somewhere in the body after the initial ring, though it's not really that audible.

    Alex Raptakis01 September 2022
  • Mágico

    Increíble este instrumento, una vez que lo tienes en la pista nada lo sustituye, gracias Chris!!

    Mauricio Riva Rey11 September 2022