The story

We challenged Aaron and James from Afrorack to make something great from something rubbish. What did they choose? A children’s toy box of parental hell. These are raw materials for you to create your own music and sample packs with please let us know how you get along!

Reviews for AFRORACK

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  • gracias

    Un paquete de sonidos muy interesante que en bruto permite trabajarlos, analizarlos y descubrir mas cosas

    DR Tiger02 June 2022
  • Amazing work

    this is so inspiring for film composers and what makes it precious is that it is something new to the ear the sound character and the uniqueness
    great job guys and keep it up

    Hassan Mosleh01 August 2022
  • Ace Afrorack

    Thanks for the sounds. Enjoyed playing with them.

  • Thanks for the samples!

    Ooh! Raw material! Even better: content that has temporal timbral variations in it! Cool! Lots of useful stuff here to be processed. Many thanks!

    (So does this mean that anyone can post raw sample material in

  • 22 minute evolutions

    This download will give you access to 4 different raw music files, with each lasting more than 4 minutes - WHICH IS MORE THAN ENOUGH OKAY? - and in total around 22 minutes. The sounds evolve greatly over time, with major timbral differences, and across the entire stereo field. This is basically raw inspiration material, free for everyone to manipulate however they want.

    Alex Raptakis30 June 2022