Adams Marimba

A well-sampled marimba with hits and rolls....

The story

I sampled this marimba last year at my school and am pleased to have finally had the time to finish it, in the end I have sampled every note with 3 dynamic layers p, mf and f. This was done both as hits as well as rolls. My approach to the rolls is quite simplified, I did looping for all of the notes but the release triggers are more clunky as they literally activate as you lift the note. For future projects I could make this much cleaner but it involves marking the start point of every hit of every roll for every dynamic layer! Unfortunately, I didn’t have access to a great room so there are a few things rattling on some notes (this was reduced significantly by throwing drum sticks at lights!) but overall I am pleased with the outcome!

Note: The HITS and ROLLS are using key switches which appear blue on the kontakt keyboard!


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  • Excellently Playable Marimba!

    Great marimba sounds here. The simple GUI is great, and sounds are well recorded and instantly playable. The instrument has excellent tonal balance, and the samples are generally very balanced across the range. There were a couple of dead keys on this instrument F#4 and A4. It might have been better to stretch the notes above them down a half step to cover those notes, but it's a pretty minor detail that probably wouldn't have been noticed by anyone but another marimbist. Love the inclusion of rolls!

    Sam Ecoff19 October 2021
  • Just what I want

    A good simple Marimba sound , kinda tropical tho , pretty good and almost perfectly recorded : the only really "downside" it's the gui of the instrument because it's too much simple for me , I would some adsr maybe

    ARKAN13 October 2021