The story

This is a piano that I found last year, in the attic of my grandfather’s house in Italy, a couple of days after he died. I was only twelve but very determined to somehow bring it back to life. It was covered in dust and despite it initially sounding quite unloved, with the help of an SM57, and lots of handy tips from Christian’s inspirational videos – I tried creating my first ever proper sample instrument.
At the beginning it sounded really quite awful, but with a bit of mangling (and “splosh”!) I think it turned into quite a beautiful pad. This is a really special piano for me, as it was my Grandpa who originally taught me to play.

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  • I'd never guess this is a piano!

    The weird thing about such titles is that they can be a little bit misleading. The user might expect to listen to a piano sound, though it really is a very organ-like one, with its own unique character. Sometimes it's a very pleasant surprise, like this one! Because this is a lovely pad, very warm with a nice small evolution right in the middle that can add a nice texture to your music. It's sampled and crafted really well too, so it'd be a shame to go unnoticed.

    Alex Raptakis01 November 2021
  • When in Rome...

    This is a fine, if somewhat nondescript, pad. It works in a variety of musical situations, is well recorded, and well edited. It's a great pad, but there's nothing particularly unique about the sound. I'd have no hesitation to use it in a track, but there are also many many other sounds on the PB site like it. I was left wishing for something with more character, I guess. Even so, a worthy download if you need a pad!

    Sam EcoffSamplist 02 November 2021
  • Cool sound design but some issues

    Its so creative that you turned a piano sound into this. It has such a synth organ like quality. While i think the overall tone of this instrument is full, mellow and pleasing, theres a pretty distinct click that happens at the beginning of some samples that ruins this for me. If you pull the attack you get a nice sounding pad but the pad is pretty plain sounding compared to alot of the awesome pads on pianobook. Overall this is a good sounding instrument, theres nothing wrong with it but it just doesn't inspire me the same way other pads do on the site

    septemberwalk12 November 2021