The story

I was working for a new docu-series and I needed a bass that sounded urban and interesting. My references always talked about the 808 bass, so i went for it. Doing some research I found that it could mean a lot of things, and also I found some samples, but they didn’t sound right to me.

So I made my own at home (that’s why it’s called “Hecho en casa”), not using an original 808, but using a Behringer Crave (with ladder filter), going to a Walrus Julia (which gives a bit of movement, and also, kind of takes care of the hard frequencies) and then to an AKAI 1730D-SS tape machine preamp, to give it some saturation.

I recorded 2 round robins for all the sounds, and then did a “Soft attack” version for a more traditional sound.

Feel free to show where you’re using these samples!

Reviews for 808 Bass Hecho En Casa

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  • Bassic!

    A no gui sample instrument featuring a selection of 808 samples. Good sounding for kicks and bass alike. What I like about this is the samples are some seven seconds long and therefore perfect for use as low frequency bass information especially when using the soft attack and release patch which is also included.

    TheButlerDeclines28 September 2022
  • Sub attack!

    This is a relatively simple patch that contains a bassy 808-like signal that has an aggressive and pitchy attack, with a "note" rapidly sliding down to the pitch you play. The samples can be held down for a few seconds before cutting off, and the sound quality is good, with just a tiny hint of noise.

    Alex Raptakis01 September 2022