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Here a 1980-style piano made out of a 12-string guitar Tanglewood. In the sample the CUTOFF filter muse be turned on. Sounds better being coupled with the 12-string pad with reverb and cutted

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  • Nice sound, but some tweaks would skyrocket it!

    This is a very nice guitar with a very prominent attack, and the very unique sound signature of the not so popular double-stringed guitar. I feel though that the sampling kind of holds it back for now, since most of the signal is headed to the left channel, which might sound a little unbalanced. That can be fine though, since it's good to soft-pan some instruments - it would just be better to have the choice.

    The harder thing to deal with is the small clickly noises that occur every now and then if you decide to sustain the notes for long. With that said, it's a great sound that can be easily used musically with no issues.

    Alex Raptakis01 December 2021
  • Like playing my own 12 string

    I'll definitely agree with other reviews that noise reduction is needed. That being said, this guitar, even with the noise, hits a nostalgia mark for me playing my mom's 12 string browning up with a bunch of noise in the background.. thankfully no strings broke on this one. I like the authentic 12 string sound, and I really like the GUI, its simple, but I think I'll use your idea of putting the cc's in above the knobs.

    Ada MaskilSamplist 26 October 2021
  • 12 Strings

    This library features samples of a 12 string guitar with some unique octave couplings. Mod Wheel offers control over filter cutoff, the Decent Sampler version offers up attack, release, and reverb controls. The big issue with this sample pack is that there's a lot of background noise in the higher samples. It's not just white noise, but the sound of someone moving around, touching strings again, moving their hands on the instrument, etc. I'm also for the occasional little ambient sound which creeps into a sample, because it can add realism. However, these noises are so pronounced, and the samples that contain them are stretched over so many keys that it renders the sample pack almost unusable, which is a shame, because this would be a really unique and potentially useful instrument otherwise.

    Sam EcoffSamplist 20 October 2021
  • Not for me as a guitar player

    As a guitar player i find this very un realistic. The attack of the note is so sudden and piano like without the natural pluck of the string and the tone sounds a little bit bright and synthetic for some reason. Its some interesting sound design but as a guitarist im always going to compare these libraries to how a real guitar sounds because thats what its trying to emulate. That might be unfair on my part but thats just how it is. Theres also alot of distracting background noise. I like a bit of background noise in these kind of organic instruments but i think its a bit too much here and takes away from the instrument. Its cool to have a 12 string on pianobook since i think this is the only one but its just not realistic enough for me to use as a guitar player. I hope others enjoy this though. The GUI offers pretty nice control.

    septemberwalk14 November 2021