Wilh. Steinmann Upright

Wilh. Steinmann Upright


This piano is a Wilh. Steinmann upright. My parents bought this piano secondhand in the early 2000s for me and my siblings to learn to play piano on. I never took piano lessons as a child but enjoyed occasionally playing and composing songs on this piano. I have recenly returned home after many years living away and have enjoyed playing this piano once again.

I recorded the piano with three microphones: an AKG P120 condenser microphone at the back of the piano near the soundboard, a Pyle PDMIC78 dynamic microphone to the left of the player’s head and an Audio Technica MB2k dynamic microphone to the right of the player’s head.

I sampled at 2 velocity layers and in a cycle of fiths from C1. I included a script which allows you to adjust the microphone levels in Kontakt. I didn’t do any processing to the raw audio samples.
I think the sampled piano has a nice mellow sound when played quietly. I found it difficult to blend the two velocity layers together well because of the big difference in tone between my piano and forte samples; maybe the pianobook community would like to try and better blend the two velocity layers.


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A Wilh. Steinmann upright recorded with three microphones: an AKG P120 condenser, a Pyle PDMIC78 dynamic microphone, and an Audio Technica MB2k.
Sampled with two velocity layers.

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