An Orchestral Synth Pad that sounds like multiple brass musicians playing in a stadium.

When recording the debut Pop album for a client, we needed a Trumpeter for a Gyspsy’esque party-song. There was a section of takes where the trumpeter growled through his trumpet, and the tone of the notes was truly unique. After manipulation and layering to the nth degree, we created a 3 velocity layered Orchestral Pad, manufactured from our favourite trumpet samples.

This orchestral synth pad allows you to create music that is majestic, powerful, and even haunting at times.

Built for the FULL VERSION of Native Instrument’s Kontakt 5.8

Have fun!!


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Love this and I'm a trumpet player

5.0 rating
June 11, 2020

I’ve just discovered this site and this is the first sound I come across !!! Phenomenal!!! I’m sure I used something similar to this in a recent spitfire audio westworld comp, think I played with the tuning of one of the labs sounds and got something that reminded me of your growl. Nice one dude, great trumpet players think alike 😉 well I’m not that great but your sound is 😉 peace x

nOrman sOLe


An orchestral synth pad created from growling through a trumpet.

5.0 rating
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