The Janstorp

The Janstorp


Way out in the ”boondocks” – as they say out west – is one of Sweden’s largest flea markets. It is open one day a year, and what a day that is.
We used to live just next door to this are and it was an event we planned our vacation around.
It would always be a perfect summer day, and billions of people in this field, and we would buy anything from farming machinery to knitted curtains or plastic toys and glass sculptures.
If you were first in a long line you could buy instruments at great discount.
I was never first in line.
I instead bought this. An old beaten toy piano.
You know how sometimes you can feel the joy in a toy? This one had LIVED, man!
Not one single key was working… 🙂

Once I restored it I sampled it using five different mics and with eight round robins.

The toy has been lost over the years, but as you play it you will be haunted by warm and carefree summer days and a lot of laughter. Enjoy!

About the instrument.
The letters D R G M Z is short for the microphones used. 1. DPA 4060 2. a custom build Ribbon aka RM-5 3. Gefell m930 4. Milab PZM microphone 5. Zoom built in x/y stereo

The Gefell microphone has two effects connected, a Delay and a Phaser, the knobs sets the level of the effect. Milab has a Hall reverb, the knob sets the level of the effect. Zoom has a Room reverb, the knob sets the level of the effect.

Pan controls for the different microphones. Volume controls for the different microphones. Purge buttons, IE release or load samples. Effect on/off for G, M and Z


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Its in tune with other instruments!

5.0 rating
May 19, 2021

This has a great happy tone that will take to many effects if desired. I recorded it with the Array Mbira and The Lamp as a trio, and I admit I didn’t expect them to be in tune, but they sound fine together, and fill in yet another sonic niche. Thanks for restoring the instrument, and sharing the sampled results!



A restored toy piano from a Swedish flea market recorded with five different microphones.

5.0 rating
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