Stradi Strings Soaked

Stradi Strings Soaked


I acquired my great-grandmother’s childhood violin a few years ago and have always been enamored with it. For being over 100 years old, it is still structurally sound and plays quite well, the player is the problem. I wanted to do something along the lines of what Spitfire does with evolutions. These longs pass through the Strymon Volante and Big Sky while I am tampering with the wear, mechanics, and time with the delay pedal. The affect is somewhat of a tape flutter. The mod wheel controls the drive of distortion.



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Great distortion!

5.0 rating
May 21, 2020

I find this very usable by keeping the modwheel at 100% and playing with the ADSR. Throw on your favorite reverb or tape delay and you have a really nice sample!

Jon Manness


A one hundred year old violin passed through various effects.

5.0 rating
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